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Consent management

AdConsent is our Consent Management Platform (CMP) that empowers users to decide on the level of ad targeting they are comfortable with so your site complies with privacy regulations.

Snigel Web Services Ltd. participates in the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework, complies with its Specifications and Policies and operates the Consent Management Platform with the identification number 229.

Why do I need a CMP?

If you have an audience in the EU and California you will need a mechanism to capture consent from such users. A CMP automates the process and ensures you remain compliant with regulations.

When targeted ads are shown to users, data and cookie information is collected to deliver more personalized advertising. GDPR and CCPA require that users understand and provide explicit consent for such ad targeting.

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Included with AdEngine

We provide AdConsent our CMP, as a value added service, baked into our core AdEngine product.

It is customizable and future-proof so it can be easily rolled out to meet new demands and regulations.

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